Home Improvement August 15, 2017

Life Expectancy Around the Home

Do you know the life expectancy of common items found around the home? This is a great visual to give an idea of how long items actually last.  Top 10 key parts of the house to point out:

  1. Wooden Floors: 20-30 years
  2. Interior Paint: 7-10 years vs. Exterior Paint: 5-7 years
  3. Showerhead: Lifetime
  4. Taps (water): 15 years
  5. Wooden Window: Centuries
  6. Microwave: 5-10 years
  7. Dishwasher: 9-16 years
  8. Washing Machine: 8-16 years
  9. Air Conditioner: 15-20 years
  10. Driveway: 20-30 years

A good mix of appliances that you purchase for your house and what comes with your home purchase.  Surprisingly, the most stress free items are the showerhead and wooden windows that should last a lifetime, but, change the water taps on your sink at least every 15 years.  Appliances to worry about are the microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and, if you live in Portland and your house does not have central air conditioning (very common), the air conditioner.  Update the paint at least every 7 years. Lastly, take care of the the places where you step- wooden floors and driveways should be maintained and updated every 20-30 years.

life expectancy around the home